What’s the Procedure for a Tummy Tuck Scar Removal?

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Just like with every surgical operation, tummy tuck scars are inevitable. Patients can expect to have a scar after surgery and have it fade over the next 12 months, but for some individuals it may be there permanently. Scars can be recessed, raised, or distinguishable in texture and color from surrounding healthy skin. Their location, size, and shape may also make them more apparent. Also, the type of tummy tuck you receive may lead to different types of scarring. Different scar removal procedures can help you minimize or get rid of the scars.

Surgical Scar Revision

This is a good option if you have long or wide scars or want it closer to the texture and tone of your normal skin. It involves minimizing the scar’s appearance by reconnecting the unaffected skin through irregular incision lines. Topical treatments may also be used. After the procedure, you’ll still be able to see the scar, but it will be less noticeable. This procedure should be conducted between six and twelve months after surgery.

Punch Graft Removal

This procedure removes the scar from the skin by making an incision around it. The affected area is then replaced with the unscarred skin obtained from an unnoticeable spot, preferably behind the ear. Once completed, the recovery period lasts a week as the new skin heals. In the end, the scar will be smoother and less noticeable.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment involves the removal or reformation of a scar from your tummy tuck by using a high-energy light source. In this procedure, collagen replaces scarred skin and improves the overall color and texture. The type of laser used and the number of sessions is dependent on the depth and severity of the scar.

A tummy tuck scar revision procedure helps improve the psychological well-being of individuals dissatisfied with their current physique and want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the scar.

Evolution of Scar Removal Infographic

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After-Care Health & Maintenance Tips

After the procedure for a scar caused by a tummy tuck, it’s in your best interest to adopt the following health care tips:

  1. Quit or avoid smoking and alcohol for six weeks after the procedure
  2. Cover the area when spending time in the sun and always wear sunscreen when outside
  3. Consume a balanced diet and include plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, and liquids
  4. Avoid activities that put pressure on your abdomen
  5. Watch for signs of infection and get in touch with your doctor if you see anything amiss

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