Body Implants

Why Have Body Modifications?

Over the last few years, body modifying has become more popular as a means of sculpting the body to meet your ideal body image. Body implants cover a wide range of possibilities including calve implants, pectoral implants and butt implants. Your Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery provider can give you a full list of available implants to meet your needs. Though implants are often conducted for cosmetic purposes, they can also come in the form of breast reconstruction such as an implant-based mastectomy.

Types of Implant-related Procedures

Body implant modification can be used in many parts of the body to enhance muscle definition. The most common form of body-implant surgery is peformed on the buttocks among women who want larger, more toned butts. In addition, some people choose to have their calves, biceps and pectoral muscles enhanced. 

How Implants Placed Under the Skin Work

There are two main types of implant materials: silicone and body fat. With silicone implants, a tiny endoscope is inserted through a small incision and guides the implant to its destination. In some cases, the implant will be placed beneath existing muscle tissue which will constrict and hold the implant in place. In other cases it may be stitched into place along your muscles.

Silicone implants are a permanent solution to your body sculpting goals. On the other hand, fat deposits may be used in the same way as silicone. The only major difference is that the fat eventually breaks down and additional procedures may be needed to maintain results. 

Who Should Modify Their Body with Implants?

Body implanting is not generally used as a replacement for a regular exercise routine. Instead, they are often used by people who have already worked on getting in shape and have a few areas that are not responding well to regular exercise. This includes enhancing the appearance of muscles as well as correcting uneven muscle development. 

How Much Do Body Modifying Cost?

The cost of cosmetic implants varies greatly depending on your location, and the type of implant being done. To get an accurate price for your cosmetic surgery you should consult with a plastic surgeon directly about your specific wants and needs.

Recovery Time

With the use of endoscopes for the placement of certain types of implants, recovery time is minimal. You should be able to return to work within one week to two weeks and all regular activities within eight weeks.

Are You Interested in Learning More?

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