Radiesse is one of the most unique treatment options available in the cosmetic industry today. It produces both short- and long-term benefits using a calcium-and-water-based formula. Not only does it fill hard creases and wrinkles, it stimulates your skin to begin producing healthier cells all on its own so the results will last long after the Radiesse fluid has been absorbed. 

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a specialized anti-aging treatment that uses calcium microspheres suspended in water to treat wrinkles. As it is injected, the calcium spheres align beneath the skin to instantly wipe away years of wrinkles. Your doctor will inject Radiesse at designated sites where the fluid can fill out your skin and create the biggest impact. 

How does Radiesse Work?

In the beginning, the calcium microspheres work together to smooth out skin and fill creases. This provides the instantaneous results that many patients want. Then, as your body begins to process the calcium over time, the fluid will be slowly absorbed and your body will begin building new collagen on its own. Collagen is the substance that holds moisture in the skin and gives it its springy feeling. Once your body begins producing new collagen, it will continue restoring your skin until the Radiesse fluid has been completely absorbed. 

A typical Radiesse treatment can be done in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of your treatment. 

What are the Benefits of Radiesse?

Radiesse stands out from other treatment options because it uses a calcium-based substance instead of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid. It has been proven effective in many patients and treats a wider range of aging symptoms because it works to stimulate your body's natural collagen growth rather than relying on the injection itself to do all the work. It is one of the longer-lasting treatment options available today. 

Where can Radiesse Be Injected?

Radiesse is commonly used to treat deep lines around the mouth and nose. In addition, it can be used effectively to remove jowl lines and to clean up wrinkles in the chin. Its instant filling results make it a good choice for dealing with your deepest wrinkles. 

How Long Do Results Last?

Unlike other substances that take several days to show results, Radiesse provides immediate relief. In addition, it is shown to last up to a year, and can last longer. Doctors report that the results of Radiesse appear more even and last longer than other treatments even when using a fraction of the dosage of other treatments.