Implant-Based Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Why Get an Implant-Based Mastectomy?

Implant-based reconstruction is a popular procedure that provides adequate cosmetic outcomes without having to use tissue from another part of the body. Implant-based reconstruction is most often a staged procedure, the first stage with being the placement of a tissue expander at the time of the mastectomy and the second stage will be the exchange of the expander for a permanent implant.

In some cases, the implant can be placed directly at the time of the surgery which is called “single staged direct to implant”  This option will be decided between you and your surgeon before the mastectomy to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of reconstruction. Click here to learn more about our plastic surgery procedures.

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Implant-Based Reconstruction Recovery Process

Like any major surgery, the breast reconstruction recovery process depends largely on the extent of the surgical intervention and the patient’s personal health and healing. Common symptoms you may experience during the recovery process for implant-based breast reconstruction include:

  • Soreness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Mild numbness or tightness in the chest area

For most patients, about a week of dedicated rest is recommended to allow the body’s natural repair and healing processes. Implant-based reconstruction generally requires a short hospital stay of 1 to 2 days, while other reconstruction procedures may necessitate up to a week of hospital time.

After a full week of rest, the majority of breast reconstruction patients can resume many normal activities, though exercise will be a far more gradual process. Within about six to eight weeks, nearly all patients have returned to their regular lifestyle. It may take several months or a year for scarring to fade and the reconstructed breast area to feel and look natural.

Is an Implant-Based Reconstruction After Mastectomy Right for Me?

In general, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is a highly personal decision that every patient will approach differently. It’s critical that you consider your feelings and thoughts in the decision-making process, and choose a path that feels right. If the idea of being flat-chested or wearing false breasts after your mastectomy doesn’t appeal to you, an implant-based reconstruction procedure may be an excellent option.

Am I a Good Candidate for an Implant-Based Reconstruction After Mastectomy?

When your Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgeon is evaluating your specific case to determine if an implant-based reconstruction after a mastectomy is a good fit, the following factors may be taken into consideration:

  • The location and size of cancer, which will impact how much skin and tissue is removed during the mastectomy process
  • Your health condition and history
  • Possible complications
  • Whether you may require post-mastectomy radiation (which is generally not recommended with implants)

Ultimately, a professional consultation is key in deciding whether an implant-based reconstruction after a mastectomy is your best option. Our top-rated Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgeons have the experience and knowledge necessary to assess your specific case and help you make a well-informed decision.

Is Breast Reconstruction Considered Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s not uncommon for mastectomy patients to wonder: is breast reconstruction covered by insurance? While traditional cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by most medical insurance policies, breast reconstruction is actually not generally categorized as cosmetic surgery. Because it is considered part of the treatment process for breast cancer, breast reconstruction is labeled as reconstructive surgery. For many patients, this means that insurance coverage is possible, putting implant-based reconstruction within financial reach.

If you are unsure if your insurance company covers breast reconstruction, it’s best to contact your company directly or schedule a consultation to learn more.

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