Brow Lift

Why Get Browplasty Surgery?

As we age, wrinkle lines may appear on our forehead. Frown lines between the eyebrows could make one appear too serious or angry. If the skin relaxes on the forehead, it may cause the eyebrows to drop, which can lead to the hooding of the upper eyelids and make one look tired. If your goal is to place your eyebrows in an alert position, which may cause you to look more youthful than a forehead lift would probably be ideal for you.


A forehead lift, also known as a brow lift, is used to reduce wrinkle lines that develop horizontally across the forehead, raise sagging brows and improve frown lines (the vertical creases that appear between eyebrows). Browplasties can be performed in different ways. Your plastic surgeon can perform a forehead lift through an endoscopic or coronal incision.  

Recovery Time

During your brow reconstruction recovery, your South Florida cosmetic surgeon may tape your forehead and loosely wrap your head to minimize bruising and swelling after the procedure. The patient will also be given specific instructions by their plastic surgeons to follow during recovery as well as a follow-up appointment. These instructions will include how to care for the surgical site and drains as well as medication to take orally or apply topically in order to aid the healing process.  

The initial healing of the wound may take 10 to 14 days. The patient should be able to resume normal activity and return to work after two weeks. As the bruising and swelling subside, smoother forehead skin will be revealed, and you may see the gradual results of a more youthful and rested appearance. What are you waiting for? Come to the premier center for cosmetic surgery today!

Brow Lift Techniques

A brow lift procedure may be completed with one of a variety of approaches. Depending on your specific desired results, your plastic surgeon will recommend one of the following techniques:

  • A direct brow lift or eyebrow incision approach is designed to treat sagging eyelids and eyebrows without affecting the patient’s forehead. This approach uses a small incision in one of two places: either placed in the natural crease of the patient’s upper eyelid or the brow hairline, depending on the structure of the brow area. The surgeon gently lifts sagging or weak skin and tissue, reattaching it to the brow bone for a natural, rejuvenated appearance. 
  • An endoscopic brow lift provides extremely natural but significant results, subtly lifting the eyebrows’ position to refresh the patient’s overall appearance. The surgeon makes a series of extremely small incisions in the upper hairline, placing an endoscope (camera) and surgically elevating the patient’s eyebrows. In this technique, the stitches are strategically placed inside each incision, minimizing scarring for very natural results.
  • A coronal brow lift is ideal for patients seeking dramatic results, resulting in lifted eyebrows and a slightly higher hairline. The surgeon will place the incisions above the hairline, where they will be completely hidden by hair. During the procedure, the doctor uses a very careful approach to allow for healthy hair regrowth to cover the healed incision, though hair transplant surgery is also a future option for patients interested in repositioning the natural hairline.

Choosing the right brow lift technique is a highly personalized decision, one that you and your plastic surgeon will make together during the consultation process. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Many patients can achieve excellent results from the brow lift procedure, especially because varying techniques allow for a significant degree of customization. Good candidates for a brow lift generally include:

  • Physically healthy individuals that are not dealing with significant pre-existing conditions that may impact healing
  • Non-smokers
  • Patients interested in resolving wrinkle lines on the forehead, drooping skin, hooded eyelids, and other signs of aging in the brow region

Not sure if a brow lift is right for you? A personal consultation allows your surgeon to examine your specific situation and discuss desired results, providing you with their professional recommendation for either a brow lift or another, best-fit procedure.

Will Brow Lift Results Look Natural?

Many patients seek a balance between significant results and a natural appearance. At Vanguard Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, our expert surgeons are able to provide natural-looking results that suit your facial structure and skin tone. You’ll appear more alert, awake, and refreshed, while still maintaining a normal appearance. While each brow lift technique places the incision(s) in a different location, all approaches focus on minimizing visible scarring and promoting excellent healing.

Schedule Your Brow Lift Consultation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you’re interested in learning if you’re a good candidate for a brow lift in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the expert team at Vanguard Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is here to help.

A one-on-one consultation is an ideal opportunity to have all your questions answered, preparing you with all the information you need to make a confident, informed decision. You’ll sit down with one of our experienced plastic surgeons to discuss your aesthetic goals, and the doctor will help you determine the best procedures to provide your desired results.

Contact Vanguard Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to schedule your cosmetic surgery consultation today and take your first steps towards looking and feeling like the very best version of yourself.


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