Vanguard welcomes Dr. James Fletcher

At Vanguard Plastic Surgery, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation in the world of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Our everyday goal is providing solutions to the common questions and concerns that women and men alike have about their physical appearance.  

Our Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic surgery office believes in the art of collaboration with highly-esteemed surgeons, which is why we are pleased to announce Dr. James Fletcher has joined the Vanguard Plastic Surgery team. After dedicating over 15 years experience at his practice in Minnesota, Dr. Fletcher is excited for the opportunity to showcase his talent as a Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgeon.

Dr. Fletcher is extremely passionate, as well as talented, in the reconstruction of the human body and offers creative solutions for finding the beauty in every patient he touches.  

"The ability to have multiple methods to tackle a problem of function or beauty and to construct a master plan based on the individual patient's needs greatly influences the most favorable outcomes. I never grow tired of it and am rewarded with each happy and grateful patient."
When reading Dr. Fletcher's impressive bio and CV, it is apparent that this award-winning surgeon has dedicated several years to his craft. However, Dr. Fletcher's summary of experience will not reveal to you how he feels about his work, who he cares most about, and which causes are closest to his heart.  

From cold Minnesota, to warm and sunny Florida.

Aside from his professional credentials and achievements, Dr. Fletcher that he is a family man that appreciates life by the water and has made a smooth transition from cold Minnesota to warm and sunny Florida. "My love of the water has transitioned from lakeside living to kite surfing, snorkeling, boating on the open water and enjoying the beach year round. I have been blessed to have my parents spending more time in FL with our family and my growing children choose universities in FL. It was ultimately an easy decision to relocate after 16 rewarding years in MN."

What our patients love most about Vanguard Plastic Surgery has always been the warmth and creativity that exudes from our Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgery office. Which is why finding the right team to uphold our standards of generosity, care, beauty, and skill is top priority.  

One attribute most refreshing about Dr. Fletcher are his charitable contributions. When asked about giving back, Dr. Fletcher had this to say:  

"I continue to support work in developing nations through contacts I have made over my career, particularly in the Philippines. As a younger student, I went on several relief trips to Haiti -- now that there is a community that is close geographically and regional support exists for this impoverished island nation, I hope to travel once more to Haiti, I look forward to helping those that need care and have no access. I have also strongly supported Wounded Warriors once I learned that there was a Florida chapter that specifically participated in reef restoration. What better way to help those who served and insure the future of these jewels for my children. As the recent director of the plastic surgery residency in MN and the director of hand surgery at the former hospital where I worked, I donated my salary as support for these positions back to the teaching program to strengthen them."

Between Dr. Dreszer and Dr. Fletcher, it's safe to say Vanguard Plastic Surgery offers the best breast augmentation Fort Lauderdale has experienced in a while. The collaboration of two doctors that are well-trained in the complexities of Microsurgery, will now grace Ft. Lauderdale with the best mommy makeover on the beach! Dr. Fletcher is just right for our team, and we are elated to work alongside him.  

To learn more about Dr. Fletcher's qualifications and experience, please read more in his bio.

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