How do I Get a Tummy Tuck on Finance?

Woman smiling and sitting on a couch, playing with her hair. "How do I finance a Tummy Tuck"?

We’ve all wanted to look our best at one point or another. Not only does looking amazing boost our self-confidence but also goes a long way in building excellent relationships both at a personal and professional level. Sometimes, a little plastic surgery might do the trick to accentuate our best features while removing our flaws. You don’t have to rely on a six-figure income or trust fund to afford a tummy tuck. You just need the right financing resource and smart planning.

6 Ways You Can Finance a Tummy Tuck

The results of body contouring techniques like tummy tucks are worth every dollar and here are some of the options at your disposal.

Your Practitioner’s Payment Plan

Your surgeon probably works with one or several companies providing loans to patients. Such plans include low monthly payment options which can be extended to make them more appealing. You may qualify for this loan if you can show some income and have a decent credit history.

Personal Credit Cards

Using a new or existing credit card to finance the tummy tuck procedure could be an effective option. As such, you might want to find a credit card that offers 0% APR balance transfer card or redeem rewards points for credit card payment. Just be sure to pay off your debt before the introductory period ends.

Medical Credit Cards

Medical credit cards are formulated to finance plastic surgery and other elective procedures. Some of these cards offer a 0% APR that goes for up to twelve months. It’s critical to ensure that you do not miss predetermined payments or offer late proceeds failure to which attracts substantial penalties.


Savings offer one of the best tummy tuck financing options. If you have the money, then it makes perfect sense to fund your surgery with cash payments. But be careful not to drain your bank just in case of unanticipated emergencies.

Retirement Account/401(k) Loans

With a 401(k) loan, you can borrow as much as 50% of the balance invested on a maximum figure of $50,000. The loan repayment process is automatically executed from your paycheck. The loan repayment period typically lasts up to five years.

Home Equity Loan

A home equity line of credit or home equity loan uses the equity you’ve accumulated in your home and can be converted into cash that can help you pay for the procedure.

Contact Vanguard to Learn More

If you’re insecure about your tummy, utilize one of these options to finance a tummy tuck and make your dream body a reality. Just explore your options and get creative. At Vanguard Plastic Surgery, we offer financing for a tummy tuck, so contact us today to book an appointment and learn more.