Here’s What to Do for a Sagging Neck as You Age

Photo of an aging woman and her daughter. What you can do for a sagging neck as you get older?

Neck skin begins to sag as you age due to a natural loss in elasticity and muscle tone. Too much exposure to direct sunlight, especially in Florida, or an extreme change in your weight can exacerbate the sagging. Genetics, stress, smoking habits, and gravity also affect your skin. Taking care of your facial appearance while forgetting about your neck will make the age difference between the two areas visible. If you want to know what to do for sagging neck skin, explore these options to obtain a firm and smooth neck again.

How Neck Lift Surgery Helps

Neck lift surgery, officially referred to as a platysmaplasty and sometimes qualifying as a lower rhytidectomy, is your answer to tightening neck skin and improving the jawline. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. The extent of the surgery depends on the nature of your neck skin and the results you want. Different approaches include one or more of the following:

  • Removing fat from the neck (liposuction)
  • Removing extra skin
  • Making the muscles tight and restructured

You can also opt for not only lifting the neck but other facial features, such as your forehead or eyebrows, for a complete makeover. If you are happy with your face, then you can focus on your neck for a consistent appearance. A neck rhytidectomy costs on average under $5,000―cheaper than a typical surgical nose job. However, please note that this number is a rough estimate and that each patient's situation is unique; so be sure to consult with your aesthetic surgeon for exact pricing.

What Neck Lifts Entail

The surgery begins with receiving general or local anesthesia. The surgeon then makes an incision from the earlobe to behind the ear, and down to the hairline in the back. Another incision is conducted under the chin. You may get one, or both, depending on your needs. Limited incision is a choice, as well, for minor lifts.

Once incisions are made, the skin is pulled away to expose what is underneath. The fat, tissue, and muscle are repositioned and/or removed to create a taut and even look. The skin is then stretched from the incision location, and the excess is cut away. The incision is closed and bandaged to complete the surgery.

You will receive post-operative instructions on the do’s and don’ts of caring for the site and promoting healing. Your surgeon will check on your progress at a follow-up appointment. Over time, the swelling will go down, and the scars will fade.

Are You Ready To Make a Difference Today?

If you think you can benefit from neck lift surgery, talk to the board-certified surgeons at Vanguard Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Ft. Lauderdale to see if you are a good candidate. If so, you will receive a personalized plan for the best outcome, helping you look as energetic and bright as you feel inside.