How Much Does Labiaplasty Cost?

Labiaplasty surgery is becoming more popular every year, but many people want to know: How much does labiaplasty cost? The truth is that labiaplasty cost can be influenced by a number of factors, including whether or not your insurance will cover the procedure, the type of labiaplasty you have done, post-operative procedures, the location of surgery, and even your surgeon's qualifications. Before you schedule your surgery you will need to consider each of these. 

Type of Labiaplasty

The biggest indicator of labiaplasty cost is the type of surgery you are undergoing. Depending on what you are trying to change about your labia, you may be going for a labia majora reduction, a labia minora reduction, or both. A labia minora reduction is typically the least expensive, and it is the least invasive. 

How Many Surgeries are You Doing at Once?

It is also common for labiaplasty surgery to be combined with other surgical procedures, such as a complete vaginoplasty. If you are undergoing multiple procedures, the cost of the labiaplasty itself may be reduced because you will be sharing the cost of the surgical room and anesthesia across all of the procedures. 

Diagnostic Tests & Post-Operative Medications

The pre- and post-op procedures can also vary in cost. If your surgery goes according to plan and it is minimally invasive, you will probably need few medications and little in the way of preparation. However, the more complex your surgery is, the higher these expenses will go. 

Surgeon's Qualifications

The cost of your surgeon may vary depending on their specialization and whether or not they have their own operating space. Some surgeons do not specialize in this type of procedure and may need to reserve space at a local hospital to perform the operation. Usually, if you can find a specialist who is already set up for this particular operation you can save money. 

Location of Surgery

Like anything else, some markets simply have higher costs than others. In general, bigger cities like Miami and LA have higher labiaplasty costs than smaller cities like Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Labiaplasty Cost Covered by Insurance

There are some circumstances under which insurance will agree to pay for labiaplasty. This tends to be true if your labia cause you pain or infections due to being oversized. In addition, if they cause pain during sexual intercourse there is a possibility that your insurance will agree to pay. However, if it is only a cosmetic procedure, they probably will not. 
To learn more about the costs of labiaplasty in Fort Lauderdale, contact Vanguard Plastic Surgery today and schedule your consultation. This affordable procedure can help you feel more confident and reduce issues with asymmetrical labia.